The National Guide to Community Pharmacy

Pharmacists and practice staff are required to follow mandatory standards for customer care and must keep up-to-date with clinical practice guidelines that govern their pharmacy practice. Instant access to this information in a visually appealing reader-friendly format, together with important web references, ensures a captive audience of pharmacy professionals. The guide is displayed within working areas and is seen exclusively by HCPs.

National Guide to Cardiology

Cardiologists are required to follow national standards for the care of their patients. This information, along with the latest instructive guidelines, is presented in the centre of this wall mounted chart in a strong visual format. Displayed within working areas, and only accessible to HCPs, the chart is used on a daily basis as an essential reference source.

Your Guide to General Practice

This wall chart is published to accelerate the progress made towards nationally standardised sources of health information within General Practices and Medical Centres. Designed for daily use it provides essential guidelines on mandatory healthcare and accreditation standards that are relevant to healthcare concerns. To assist with the day-to-day functioning of a busy surgery the publication also details many useful web links.

Your Guide to Hospital Care

All medical, clinical and nursing professionals are required to follow mandatory standards in the modern healthcare environment. They need immediate access to such data, and advice on sources of further information. Our research has shown that this well illustrated medium is the preferred resource for many senior personnel within the hospital sector nationwide.

Your Guide to Oncology

All oncologists are required to follow mandatory healthcare standards. It is essential that they keep abreast of the latest official guidelines and statements from both domestic and international organisations. This wall chart presents such information in a concise but high-impact format to ensure that it can be referred to on a day-to-day basis.

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