A Guide to Your Career

Now in its 16th year this wall chart is a proven success for promoting career opportunities, training schemes and further education for school leavers across Australia. Through its unique combination of visual impact and high quality content it has become a constant point of reference for students and an essential resource for Careers Advisors.

Your NSW Career Guide

Every year thousands of students leave their schools in NSW for the last time. Many of them will look to take up employment or move into further education within the state. This wall chart provides them with an essential analysis of the available local options, from trade jobs and apprenticeships through to TAFE courses and university application.

Your Queensland Career Guide

Career planning starts at school and it is essential that students have access to information that will assist them make the right choices at an early stage. For some this will mean moving immediately into full time employment whilst others will seek longer programmes of education and training. As most school leavers in Queensland will remain within the state this wall chart provides them with invaluable assistance in their planning and preparation.

Your Victoria Career Guide

Every year thousands of students in Victoria have to start thinking about life after school. For many of them this will involve pursuing career ambitions or further education within the state. This wall chart provides a unique high-impact blend of essential advice and career opportunities exclusively available within Victoria. It has become an essential careers resource in schools throughout the state.

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